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Nitrogen & Natron in Commercial Bottled Water Can Cause HIV

HIV-AIDS is undoubtedly a White German Freemasonic sexual illness plan from the West, which Muslim tea-drinking cultures don't get. Imported bottled water is a sign of Western political selfimportance and racist EU banking. HIV numbers have increased in the last 5 years due to the popularity of gym-fitness with bottled water containing lethal ace NITROGEN as a type of natron which is used in bleaching and softening commercially bottled water. Small unnoticable traces of Natron in commercial bottled water will bleach your blood. Bleached bottled water from Western firms in Africa spreads HIV due to overt or  too high natron and nitrate levels in the water. The West and North seem obsessed to inflict hate on Africans at every Jewish opportunity. Natron is acidic and nitrate is alkaline. Clean bottled water is a necessity, but it is wicked to sell sly poison that has severe risks for people who fashionably avoid all sugar and essential fats to entertain a modest savoury diet. How can you tell if your water is poisonous? Particularly women and sportsmen run the risk of a "watered-down" bleached immune system, hair-loss and anaemia if having the wrong water and culinary oil-culture in both a temperate or tropical zone where Western Pharma spread their racist currency devaluations and banking tactics. Too much water can turn your favourite spices into a Skripal-Novoshock nightmare, if you like who-done-its. The cleanest water can turn your skimping on precious olive-oil into food poison and syphilis. Today mainly female HIV sufferers are overweight from bottled water, compared to the 1990s when water was not wicked.  

The luxury of cool crystal clear sparkling water sold in fancy bottles that quench thirst and wakes you up has become an indispensable part of modern life, though the overindulgence of this seemingly angelic luxury can lead to severe risks for the body. Learn one vital thing: CLEAN water is neither "White" nor "Western", so avoid German water companies in Africa. Did you know that drinking ultra clean tropical rain-water in the South American Rainforest can cause tooth decay? Nitrogen is an astringent. South Americans supply 1 biotin-calcium pill to each gallon of rain-water supply to stop the damaging nitrate action on teeth. The same should be done if buying water from Westernised firms in Africa per gallon. Although water can clean skin and remove unwanted marks and blemishes, and increase muscular tone and tensility; such stringent cleanliness can destroy your sex-life, and poison you if your diet is "imbalanced" and the "brand" of bottled water is too White and too evil. Many people savour differing water-brands ranging from from acidic to alkaline water kinds, and all of them contain nitrogen as a sterilant. Then, we have the soft-water and hard-water aficionados. Each brand has it's distinct and delightful taste and useful purpose. But what if the first symptoms of nitrate poisoning begin to show in the following body reactions? How can one prevent a false Western HIV diagnosis in Africa or coloured regions of the United States?

Wrong water can cause the following White bleach symptoms of immune deficiency.


Stage 1:
Increased thirst despite avid water drinking
Dry lungs, and dry breath
Low bleached blood iron and fleeting dizziness
Sleeplessness (insomnia) at night, drowsiness by day
Parched lips, dry palate
Tearfulness, easy crying
Little neural jabs in the groin
Constipation and gas
Frequent uncontrolled flatulence without smell
Bloating, oedema and frequent belching
Lactose intolerance
Mattress Phenomenon and Orange-peel skin
Oblivion in sprawled sitting positions
Neck cramps, foot cramps
Frequent reddening of the eyes
Sudden binging and bulimia nervosa
Brittle hair roots, lack of saccharine horn-fats, no shine
Type 2 male baldness from lack of sugar and insulin

Stage 2:
Zero weight-loss after sports plus sport-fatigue
Enzyme deficiency and slow metabolic rate
Water colic and liver fat
Joint pain from dry blood sedimentation
The blimps, - stubborn unwanted fat-deposits despite sports
The squirts, - sudden urination during laughs
Incontinence when being touched or surprised
Polyuria, frequent urinating
Slow urin despite full bladder
Addiction to ice-cubes and shortness of breath
Grinding of teeth during sleep
Shallow breathing during sleep
Female snoring, symptoms of testostogenic embolism
Sleep apnoea / Dead-sleep with cardiological suffocation and sudden deep heaves
Waking up talking
Night-sweat, wet sweat-drenched bed-sheets, cold sweat
Facial cramps
Neural clumsiness
Uncontrolled bighting of the tongue or bottom-lip while eating
Sensitive teeth, avoiding cold drinks
Occasionally burning urine and slow kidneys
Bladder infection after noodles, salads and smoothies
Hypertension and hot-head

Stage 3:
Sensitive dry skin and rash
Sensitivity to dust and allergens
Thrush in the gorge and palate of the mouth
Brittle fingernails, or dark toe-nails
Sensitivity to blood-clots and blue marks
Sudden varicose veins and stretch-marks
Sudden Metastases

Stage 4:
Sight problems in the morning, milky vision
Blue eye-sockets from slow kidneys and back-pain
Sudden claustrophobia
Sexual frigidity
Thick saliva
Blue gums, pale lips
Frequent colds
Hypothermia and sudden fevers
Pfeifer syndrome
Dryness of the colon, constipation (Bible-bottom)
Blood traces in urine
Blood traces in stool
Painful menstruation
Burning glutes or drawing sensation in buttox
Cold feet in bed, suffering summer drafts
Dryness of the intestines and faux diabetiquement (French Diabetes)
Overbearing long sexual coitus sans orgasm
Dry flaking or burning penile skin, dry itchy scrotum
Itching vulvar or burning vagina and flaking vaginal lips
Sensitivity to coloured toilet-paper or perfumed toilet-paper
Expanded vagina after pregnancy, lack of elastin
Sensitivity to salt-sera, lack of elastin in the skin
Dry underarms, under-arm rash
Sudden warts, Herpes and Caposi after salty meal
Sudden suffocation from perfumes and fragrant soaps
Cutaneous Leishmanais and dimply epidermis
Elastic ejaculate and gummy thick yellow sperm
Difficult ejaculation, semen blockage, prostate colostrum
Weak erections
Painful erections
Vaginal dryness and sexual distance
Ovarian cysts
Testicle clots
Testicles that smell like fish only 3 hours after a bath
Traumatic stress disorder and Chronic Fatigue
Epstein Bar Syndrome
Early Menopause at age 35
Quivering lower jaw while speaking
Shingles on back or neck or scalp
Itching legs and hands
Fast talking and hyperventilating
Crouching and becoming choleric
Blocked liver, loss of appetite, anorexia nervosa
Swimming in a conversation, blanking out, stammering
Sudden anguish
Dead feeling after sex, post-sexual depressions
Nausea after sex, vomiting after sex
Self mutilation, sweet-scratch addiction
Enjoyment of hair-pulling, traction mania
Delinquency, brinkmanship and suicidal fatigue
Closing down at the work-place or school
Closing down at the car wheel
Closing down while walking
Body cramps
Nervous breakdown
Cardiovascular blockage
False HIV positivity from bleached blood from nitrate poisoning, clinically called "HIV-AIDS-related complications".
AIDS outbreak from hydrochloric ARVs and alkaline water-drinking leading to depleted insulin and RNA (Nitrogen Poisoning) in the body are not caused by sex.

Not all symptoms will be present at the same time depending on a persons protein anatomy. 
A nitrate poisoning is a slowly induced purely biological cyanide arsenic poisoning in 4 differing groups that quite literally comes from too much internal cleanliness and disinfection. Certain dark germs are vital for life and necessary for health. Too much cleanliness causes the body to hold on to unwanted white germs and poisonous carcinogens  while purified water may bleach immunogens (food-colours) away. Liver-spots is a signal of high nitrate bleach, while vitiligo is a signal of high natron acids and bleach and low blood sugar and high calcium. Nitrogen in addictive copious amounts of bottled water can even coagulate insulin until the uninsulated skin barrier breaks into sores (Psoriasis / Mediterranean skin disease / Lupus erythematosus) the moment we drink salty soup or use olive oil, - horrid skin disorders for which AIDS-medicines often are used unbeknownst to the White sufferer. Not being Black and not being from a male risk group certainly helps not being stigmatised with AIDS, when having dermatological skin problems from bottled water.
   Although cyanide-arsenic poison forms biologically due to nitrogen in a protein diet, these so-called virological carcinogens are a vital part of healthy bones, skin, hair-growth, mental stability, concentration and stamina; yet an insubordinate overdose can lead to the exact opposite results, causing sudden cancerous diseases or even occult drug-addiction, diabetic pregnancies or psychological illnesses if patients don't understand the overwhelming choice of foods we eat, nor the relationship between which illnesses and diseases are caused by an overtly hard, soft, bland, bitter,  sour, sweet, or salic organism or their millions of combinations. Genetic differences do not play any role whatsoever. - We all get sick from the same deficiencies. This is why sicknesses need a detailed analysis to determine their serological origins based on the symptoms. Many viral infections can form without contamination, without food poisons, and without sexual promiscuity.

Though a prostitute working for the FBI could malevolently infect her Russian client's penis by smearing natron saliva and fat in her vagina; this also means that she will infect her own genitals in so doing, - but absolutely no viral syphilis will be found in either her blood-test nor that of her victim, unless the shady restaurant involved in the political crime gave the Russian victim a meal laced with natron or acetate acid, to send him itching all the way to the grinning doctor for HIV pills the next day. All sexually transmitted diseases have plausible forensic explanations in chemistry, enough to write best-selling novels about.

One thing remains clear, a "watered-down" and diluted immune system bleached of dark irons, colourful phosphor and black ferritin can kill you slowly but surely, when blighted by the racist "cleaners". Water borne diseases don't necessarily come from dirty filthy water; - they also come from water that is too clean and infractive on a seemingly healthy fat-free vegan diet. But using a dark iron tonic to stop a sulphuric skin-disease won't make any sense if the victim is skinny, because AIDS will result yet again. Bio-Chemistry goes in a CIRCLE. Did you know that too much salad can cause hair-loss and cardiac arrest, just like hogging too much egg, noddles, cheese, or pizza-margarita and salted shrimps? Though some nitrate skin and blood diseases can be alleviated with the use of protein transcriptase into calcium containing B12 vitamins and potassium for rebound dermatological repair of AIDS-skin in a tropical zone, - though in very many other cases that method could lead to stroke or sudden cancers if the patient insists on a zero-fat and sugar-free diet in German town, and the doctor himself suffers from arthritis and hair-loss caused by being oh so vegan. Many circumcised vegans suffer from arthritis and STDs caused by drinking God's chosen BLEACH WATER and using only holy olive oil from Israel. The Devil loves you. There is a huge difference between Tropical Medicine, Oriental Medicine, Eastern Medicine and Western or European Medicine, simply because some wildlife assailants and diseases are not home to certain climate regions of the world, and our diverse oil-culture and food habits differ like the sun to the moon. COBRA ANTIDOTE and ferric snake antitoxins cure the bleached organism in correct doses and a tailored diet plan to stop the overweight and the skinnyness.  
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