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By OUIJA ORIENTAL MEDICINE $, Ankara Turkey 2018

HIV is curable, and the sickness doesn't exist in any Arab country since the last 39 years for the following scientific reasons: The Arab Emirates and Egypt don't support the UN-AIDS Organization, because the OPEC Oil League exposed that the HIV Virus is a curable petroleum molecule in medical forensics by washing calcium with natron salts to create silicon. Further to this, animals don't get sexually transmitted diseases, despite being incapable of making disinfectants or operating science labs.

Police Forensics explains why HIV-AIDS is a fraud:

HIV = Hyper Insulin Volume / aka. High Insulin Volume

AIDS = Acidic Insulin Deficiency Symptoms

HIV and AIDS represent the two forensic spectrums of all diseases possible.

HPV = Hyper Peptide Volume / the taste-free natron salt that is every virus!  

International Police Investigatory Forensics (micro-biology) do not allow virology into it's laboratory investigations, and therefore virology is not legal in court proceedings, because virae are carcinogenic molecules in chemical police forensics and micro-biology. This is universal chemical law which forbids the prosecution of willful malevolent HIV infections, because even the ingesting of petroleum can proffer a false HIV infection in 5 minutes. MALARIA already causes false HIV positivity. So, as a result of Arabian Toxicology there have not been any HIV victims in any Arab country since 39 years. Though all this is common knowledge in the Oriental world, the EU courts have kept this a secret shrouded by internet-language-barrier. Yet, the Central EU Court silently banned Elisa HIV-Test results from regional courts to gain Arabian Oil trade, but do not openly admit this highly damaging fact to it's EU citizens, who actually pay exorbitant health insurance for HIV medication for a false diagnostic that is not even legal in EU court of law. - And in the case of Germany, these governmentally enforced insurance fees are deducted from their old-age pension in advance, terming the German invention of Virology leading up to the HIV pseudoscience as one of the most evil contributions to the entire modern world. Muslims have the social habit of not meddling in the faith or beliefs of another nation, even if they reject the Western AIDS doctrine as dizzy litany. 

Upon this unpalatable state of affairs towards Oil States, Britain forged the BREXIT! This is the hidden reason for the expulsion of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) out of London by British Brexit and the British NHS, while Prince Harry's marriage to a coloured installation, is to weakly forestall the sociological damage HIV has caused in the falsely independent Commonwealth labouring under the IMF to pay off HIV medicine debts incurred by the UN-AIDS and UNESCO. 

The UN-AIDS Organization is thus by international forensic law unconstitutional, as the EU courts have put HIV-Tests under "hypothetic clause" in court, and hence the HIV-Elisa Test is ruled as inconclusive since 2013, which means HIV Testing is restricted by EU law as a bias and incomplete diagnostic which is prohibited from being performed without a general CBC (Complete Blood Count of 28 parameters). Any clinic or doctor who performs HIV testing without a mandatory CBC Western Blot Test breaks the law. China already had outlawed all HIV-Testing results in Federal Chinese Medical Law Court at the behest of the Arabs long ago.

The Nobel Prize for the fake discovery of the HIV petroleum-molecule that was awarded to a sultry Mme. Prof. Françoise Barré Sinoussi of Paris is by all means tarnished, - even more so as the most influential UN-AIDS Spokeswoman, Princess Diana of Wales, who had been an avid gay rights activist, had been warned by the wealthy Arab-Egyptian Oil magnate Dodi Al Fayed, that her marriage to him would expose what Egypt and OPEC think of the UN-AIDS Petrovirus and the UN-AIDS abuse of UN-Membership fees. This lack of UN-constitution alarmed Diana to the point of disaster, as she was almost destined to become the new Anglo-Egyptian Cleopatra of stigmatised risk groups all over the globe while brandishing Arab toxicology as the medical credential of Muslim loyalty to truthfulness. This novel danger was too much for the increasingly bitter French Nobel Prize Queen riding the UN-AIDS in Geneva-Switzerland’s Banks like the drunk and dissatisfied Harlot of Babylon shouting 666 fore the fall. Not long after this increasing alarm in the Eugenic halls of Freemasonic science, were both Diana and Dodi Al Fayed murdered in a "German" car in the French streets of the city of LOVE that was paid to discover the petroleum molecule which is falsely called a homosexual scourge. The only petroleum molecules transmitted during sex are via commercially obtained silicon sex-lubrification, which animals don't use. Further to this, Dodi Al Fayed had wanted to raise Haiti out of extreme AIDS-poverty bondage to the UN by building an Oil refinery on Haiti. His plans with Nia Diana-Patra were quite proverbially "smashed against a wall"

The French female Virology professor who was awarded the Nobel prize for the discovery of the HI-Virus, Mme. Prof. Françoise Barré Sinoussi, herself sardonically admits: "I was awarded the highest honour without even being a doctor!". The question arises; on what scientific grounds does the Nobel Prize Foundation in Oslo award it's questionable prizes?! Are they based on Freemasonic plots? Mrs. Prof. Françoise Barré Sinoussi lied about the discovery of a curable carcinogenic petroleum molecule so as to gain financial favours from the German Freemasons and the United States Lodges, in an attempt to tamper with universal sexuality to further the cause of Eugenics, deepen unequal racist currency devaluations, and enforce dependancy to the UN-AIDS by clan-destined masonic mischief inside the World Health Organization (WHO). Maybe Sinoussi was a sexually unfulfilled woman, who had an abiding hate for homosexuals, excepting those who served her Eugenic goals of genocide. Bill Gate’s early use of digital-virus-propaganda in Microsoft's computers sent his subliminal signals amid the plot to control Southern birthright like an incestuous Jew.

It is not convincing to believe that Europeans are the best humanoids in everything, nor that Europeans should have the best medicine, highest currency, the most slaves, create the most wars, import the tastiest foods and brightest fashions, and so become the chosen race under a Zionist God after having claimed the murder of thousands of self-righteous Jews in Hitler's Holocaust! The feudal madness of the USA, Israel and Germany seem chosen for eating mainly imported produce and consuming Asian technology while driving over a cliff on Arabian Oil! It is not logical to believe that a sexually transmitted disease that couldn't be transmitted in any old tea-drinking Muslim society since hundreds of years, and which was unknown to ancient tea-drinking cultures like China, India, Egypt, Abyssinia and South America for thousands of years, will rage more rampant in old countries that grow tea, sugar and citric fruits just to suit the countries that don't. Europeans did not have the ecological knowledge basis for antigens and immunity without Oriental Snake Science, stolen from the Egyptian school symbol of the Pharonic Snake of Pharma "$" which is African. Europe has no snakes.

In comparison to Europe's disease-ridden medieval era, tea-drinking Muslims never experienced the bubonic plague, nor did even more ancient Pagan society preceeding them know of sexually transmitted disease such as rickets, syphilis or HIV. Though Chinese ate rats for centuries, there had not been any record of syphilis until the British brought the new disease to Hong-Kong and begged for tea to cure it. Oriental cultures that make SILK rugs don't get sulphur diseases. The Egyptians say that the racist God of Israel did not cast 10 Jewish plagues plus AIDS on dark Egyptians without giving the Egyptians ancient Snake Antitoxin science first. - Egypt is still Egyptian, and NOT Jewish.

Europeans have a prude discorded obsession with the sexuality of Eastern and Southern people, and have used Slave trade and religious subjugation to steal precious resources such as sugar, biotin, tropical fruits and teas necessary to fight diseases that only the recent Germans have sold backhandedly to this ancient natural world. Animals do not get sexually transmitted diseases. Charles Darwin's Evolution of the fittest has brought forth American Nazis from a bottle-blond Israel and their practice of religious enforced racial incest in sex and medicinal science, in defiance of God's healthy colourful variety!  AIDS is the sad story of Zionist cyanide of bleached blanc minds so disinfected of truth, - they're downright vacant! 
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